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Why is my favorite tree dying???

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

Trees are more like people than you might think. Yes, you heard me right. No, we're not a bunch of hippies trying to convince you to hug trees and even have a conversation with them. No, that's not who we are, but we are tree care professionals.

So, why is your favorite tree dying?

A Little Research

The first thing to consider is how old the tree is. Was it planted just this past year or have you had it for a while? Something lots of people don't know is that most trees end up dying because they weren't planted properly! Sometimes, the wrong tree is selected for the area, which isn't always that obvious. Some trees can't handle intense heat, freezing temperatures, or constant watering.

Sometimes, the problem is that the tree was planted too deep, preventing oxygen from getting to the roots. Other times, a more recent event leads to a tree's demise.

Trees Get Stressed Out Too

Remember how we said trees are like people? That's right, trees can get stressed out from sitting in water for too long, drying out for too long, and other more traumatic events. Sometimes damage to a main root by a shovel or weed killer can create a domino effect, causing the root to die and then, eventually, the rest of the tree. Sometimes, tree trimmers go a little overboard with the trimming and cut off more than the tree can take. This opens up a lot of wounds and removes a great deal of the tree's energy source: its leaves. With lots of open wounds, disease and insects have an easier way of attacking the tree.

What Can Be Done???

Always go with a certified arborist. (#DropTheMic) Seriously, though, make sure whoever plants your trees has consulted with a certified arborist. If the tree is already having problems, be proactive! Reach out to a certified arborist before the damage is irreversible! Unfortunately, all trees can't be saved, but many can!

To find a certified arborist in your area, click on this link:

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