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Simple Landscaping Changes to Attract New Tenants

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

Appearances matter in all aspects and dimensions of human life. The way you dress food makes

it more appetizing. The clothes you wear to a business meeting will influence the results you get.

People, generally, use what they see as their initial yardstick for measuring anything they are

unfamiliar with. This is true for prospective renters viewing your rental property for the first


The landscaping around your rental is how the home introduces itself to visitors. From looking at

the yard alone, perfect strangers will draw conclusions about what the rental looks like inside.

Even when the person makes wrong assumptions about the property, those initial ideas will

remain in their head long after they have seen what the home actually looks like.

This is why you should make the landscaping around your rental a critical part of the strategies

for winning and retaining quality tenants, advises HMR Management . Good landscaping makes

it easier to grab the attention of high-paying renters. It also makes the home more enjoyable for

the tenants. Money and effort invested into improving the landscaping will always reflect an

improved bottom line.

To make the landscaping around your rental property more compelling for potential tenants, here

are a few landscaping tips you should implement.

10 Landscaping Tips to Attract New Tenants

1. Plant Some Trees

Having trees in the yard will completely change the way people view the home. Trees

have a calming effect that makes people want to stick around. Do not choose trees with

invasive roots and wide-spreading branches. If the branches can reach your roof, the roots

will reach the foundations. If you have existing trees, trim them to make them more


2. Provide Lots of Shade

Your tenants should be able to enjoy the yard without worrying about the sun’s heat.

Trees can help provide natural shade. In addition to trees or the absence of them, a

pergola or similar structure can serve the same purpose. Any structure which offers

support for climbing plants can be used to provide shade.

3. Use Colorful Native Plants

Native plants are resistant to the diseases and pests that are endemic to an area. They

don’t need as much care as non-native plants; this helps to cut down fertilizers,

pesticides, or herbicides usage. Using native plants in the yard means a safer yard for

humans and pets to play in. To make the most of native plants, use colorful varieties.

4. Use Attractive Hardscaping

Hardscaping is the non-living element of the yard that help improve its appeal and

functionality. The best hardscaping features are those that do not increase energy use and

maintenance costs of the yard. Examples of hardscaping elements to add are stone

retaining walls, clay-flowerpots, stone walkways, concrete benches, pergolas, decks, and


5. Plant Fragrant Flowers

Sweet-smelling flowers are a great way to introduce your rental home to prospective

tenants. Keeping the outdoor areas around a rental property smelling fresh through the

year is not all that difficult. You just need to choose plants that bloom at different periods

of the year. If you do this carefully, you will keep the yard permanently and naturally

perfumed all the time.

6. Create a Berm

A berm is a long ridge of raised earth that adds character to a yard. Berms perform some

important functions; they act as a buffer to keep noise from the street out of the home,

they help improve privacy, and are aesthetically appealing. Building a berm is also a

good way to reduce weed growth, and, by extension, cut landscape maintenance costs.

7. Increase Privacy

Well-planned landscaping is one of the best ways to enhance privacy in a rental property.

Most tenants prefer a rental home if it has big windows. But big windows complicate the

privacy challenges of the property. However, you can deploy a barrier of shrubs and

hedges as a screen to keep prying eyes out of your tenant’s personal affairs.

8. Keep it Low-maintenance

Most of the tips above will reduce the cost and effort of maintaining the yard. Low-

maintenance yards are a great attraction when the tenant is responsible for landscape

maintenance. Given that tenants will often not look after the landscaping as well as the

owner, a low-maintenance yard will help reduce tenants’ tendency to postpone important

landscaping tasks.

9. Upgrade the Lighting

Sufficient and versatile lighting creates a lovely landscape that can be used well after

lights should serve for security, illumination, and to highlight key features of the yard.

Installing solar LED lights will let tenants get all the benefits of improved lighting

without additional energy costs.

10. Include Space for Gardening

Including space for gardening in the yard will make your rental more attractive to tenants

who love that kind of activity. This will expand the pool of prospective tenants you can

market to. Furthermore, since this is a benefit most rental homes don’t offer, tenants will

be willing to pay higher rents if your rental gives them access to some gardening space.

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