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How can I save money on water and still keep my plants alive?

Want to drastically save money on your monthly water bill? Did you know you can switch to a weather-based irrigation controller for as little as $30?

Many water districts are offering rebates to cover most of the costs of buying a weather-based irrigation controller. For our residential clients, we prefer Rachio. We’ve tried out Rachio smart controllers at some of our residential clients’ homes and have seen how easy the switch is. Although the controller itself costs about $230, you can get a rebate for $200!

Once installed, the controller can be programmed straight from your phone. Once the controller is programmed, you can basically forget about ever messing with it ever again!

With a conventional irrigation controller, you'd have to turn it off every time it's going to rain, add more time in the summer, take off time in the fall, etc. Rachio's controllers automatically skip watering if it's going to rain and only water your landscaping only what's necessary. Say goodbye to overwatering and enjoy seeing your water bill go down!

Are things looking a little dry? You can turn on the sprinklers straight from your phone, even if you're on the other side of the world! Is a heat wave coming? Rachio will automatically adjust your controller for you, without you even pressing a button.

For more information on Rachio’s smart controllers and how to get a rebate to cover most of the costs for the controller, visit their site

To request a quote to install a Rachio smart controller at your home and make any other irrigation improvements, such as switching to drip, contact us as soon as possible so you can get in on this amazing opportunity!

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