Why Should I Get Rid of My Lawn?

Lawns are great additions to most landscapes, but the rising cost of water in California and significant water waste fines are causing more and more Californians to think about replacing their lawns with drought-tolerant landscapes.


Turf replacement not only significantly reduces your water bill; it also has a massive impact on the rest of your budget, not to mention the environment. Less grass means no more weekly mowing, which means less gas to run maintenance equipment, and less fertilizer to pay for. Less grass means less water runoff that, in most cases, ends up eroding our soils and polluting our waterways.

If you're decided on converting your lawn to a more drought-tolerant landscape, make sure you don't miss out on the incredible rebates the State of California is funding.


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What Sort of a Rebate Can I Get for Turf Replacement?

  • Rebate of $3.00 per square foot for up to 5,000 square feet of converted lawn for residential properties and up to 50,000 square feet for commercial properties.

  • You may be eligible for additional rebates on weather based irrigation controllers, soil moisture sensors, rotating nozzles, rain barrels, cisterns, etc.

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How Do I Get a Rebate for Turf Replacement?

1. Project Start Approval

  • Before you begin your project or remove any grass, you must apply for a reservation


2. Rebate Application

  • After the reservation, you have 180 days to complete the project and submit your request for a rebate

Apply for a Rebate on SoCalWater$mart.com

Every Turf Replacement Project Must Include:

1. Three plants per 100 square feet of area transformed.

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2. No hardscape within the transformed area, except permeable hardscape.

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3. Replacement or modification of overhead spray sprinklers


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